Weiss Motoren GmbH
Weiss Motoren GmbH in Obervogau
  1959 The company was founded by Maria Weiss in Leibnitz.

Mr. Leo Weiss took over the company from his family. By trading electric motors the company became famous in Austria, Slowenia and Croatia as "Weiss Motoren". Later on the encrease of products in the fields of driving technic and industrial needs started.

Leo Weiss Portrait
                       Leo Weiss
                   Managing Director

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In March the company Weiss Motoren GmbH with managing director Leo Weiss was founded.

Capital contribution in the amount of € 35.000.

In January Weiss Motoren GmbH has moved to Obervogau 40 km south from Graz.
This is associated with the expansion of
Distribution network and the optimization of the camp.
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Company statement:

The advice about the goods offered and the good quality of our products are at the top of our philosophy.
If you have suggestions for us, we welcome your feedback in this regard.
Complaints are handled diligently and quickly by us.


Product assortment:

Were the driving technology, materials handling and other industrial products. Repair service through partner company.


Target groups:

Industry   -   Commercial   -    Craft   -    Agriculture