2019-06   ENERGY SAVING MOTORS  CLASS  IE4  available ! !


Since 01.01.2017 new rules in the European Union

IE3 - motors with premium efficience from power 0,75 kW at 2poles/3000 Upm 4poles/1500 Upm  6poles/1000 Upm.

* 8poles/750 Upm
* you can need IE2 motors with electronic inverters

You will find details at group Threephase Electric Motors.

2015-02   INVERTER

We have new Emerson - Control Techniques Inverter range UNIDRIVE serie M.
Different types. Quaitiy good for industry!

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Excerpt from the catalog belts Optibelt:

V-Belts / raw edged V-Belts  (page 9)

Variable speed belts (page 22 et seq.)

Kraftbands (page 25 et seq.)

Endless V-Belts (page 31 et seq.)

Timing belts (page 34 et seq.)

Ribbed belts a.o. (page 76 et seq.)

Taper bushes (page 90 et seq.)

Taper V-Belt pulleys (page 91 et seq.)

V-Belt pulleys (page 100 et seq.)

Variable speed pulleys (page 106 et seq.)

Ribbed belt pulleys (page 109 et seq.)

Flat belt pulleys (page 114 et seq.)

Motor slide rails (page 115 et seq.)

Motor slide basis (page 116 et seq.)

Timing belt pulleys (page 117 et seq.)

Timing bars or -belts (page 152 et seq.)

Taper hubs (page 156 et seq.)

Clambing bushes (page 158 et seq.)

General and technical informations (page 174 et seq.)

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Accessories: Taper V-Belt Pulleys and Bushes, Pulleys cast iron, Belt tensioner, Measure gauge, Tension gauges, service box, laser pointer, etc.


Synonyms: V-belts, timing belts, variator, speed belts, flat belts, timing belts, cogged V-belts, drive belts, Poly V belts, Micro V belts, Micro-V belts, ribbed belts, ribbed belt, banded belt, variator, Red Power Belt, Red Power II belts, drive belts , industrial V-belts, automotive V-belts, narrow V-belts, wedge belts, banded V-belts, PowerGrip GT2, high-power, ultra HC, poly Flex, multi-speed, V-ribbed belts, drive belts, round belts, power belts, double V-belts, high performance wedge belts, raw edge molded cogged, classical V-belts, double timing belts, synchronous belts, V-ribbed, Quad Power II Optibelt SK, Optibelt VB, Optibelt Blue Power, Optikrik



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