2019-06   ENERGY SAVING MOTORS  CLASS  IE4  available ! !


Since 01.01.2017 new rules in the European Union

IE3 - motors with premium efficience from power 0,75 kW at 2poles/3000 Upm 4poles/1500 Upm  6poles/1000 Upm.

* 8poles/750 Upm
* you can need IE2 motors with electronic inverters

You will find details at group Threephase Electric Motors.

2015-02   INVERTER

We have new Emerson - Control Techniques Inverter range UNIDRIVE serie M.
Different types. Quaitiy good for industry!

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Special motor with small size!

Type range:

- Flat motor threephase serie ET
- Flat motor singlephase serie EM
- Flat motor with brake D.C serie FPC

Execution: protection IP 55 with cylindric shaft

Power range up to 11 kW S6/60%
(15 kW S6/40%) Sizes 48, 63 and 80

Also deliverable in ATEX  EX Logo.



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