2019-06   ENERGY SAVING MOTORS  CLASS  IE4  available ! !


Since 01.01.2017 new rules in the European Union

IE3 - motors with premium efficience from power 0,75 kW at 2poles/3000 Upm 4poles/1500 Upm  6poles/1000 Upm.

* 8poles/750 Upm
* you can need IE2 motors with electronic inverters

You will find details at group Threephase Electric Motors.

2015-02   INVERTER

We have new Emerson - Control Techniques Inverter range UNIDRIVE serie M.
Different types. Quaitiy good for industry!

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Brake motors

Brakemotors Watt

Brake motors series 7WA  BR

Product range:
Threephase brakemotors 7WA…BR
D.C. brake

Also deliverable in ATEX  EX Logo.

Made in EU

Rectifier, brake, brakes, fan, fan cover, terminal box, terminal link, feather


Brake motor Koncar

Threephase brakemotors D.C. brake

Size range from 63 up to 180

Made in EU

Brake motor MGM

- Threephase brakemotors A.C. brake
- multiple polarity brakemotors with A.C. brake

Size range from 56 up to 225       

Also deliverable in ATEX  EX Logo.

Made in EU


Synonyms: motors for elevators, conveyor belts, roads, conveyor lines, motors for lifts, motor with brake, electric power motor with brake, motor brake motor current, Singlephase brake motor, brake motor singlephase



Brake motors WEISS series 7 WA BR catalogue
Brake motors KONCAR catalogue
Brake motors MGM catalogue
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